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Every Aspect of Social Media Managed. Completely.

At Bee Social, we don’t advertise pay per post packages, that’s because every business is different. Some accounts may need 10 quality posts per month, others may need 10 impulsive posts per day! There is no one size fits all!

Instead, we allocate a dedicated skilled social media manager. Someone who’s able to develop a strategy, create the necessary content and post in the right place at the right time to give YOU the best return on your investment.

“How will I know what I will get for my money?”

Truthfully, initially you won’t know. But, here’s our promise. If you’re not in love with our services after 30 days, we will refund everything you have paid, no questions asked!

We build custom packages to achieve your objectives…

Why Bee Social?

Bee-cause we’re awesome!

OK, really… Because we live and breathe social media, infact it’s all we do. We know what to look for and how to utilise social media to give you a better return.

We understand the behaviour of your social media audience which we’re able to use to decide when, where and how often to post. We understand the ‘browsers’ phycology and we know a thing or two about getting them to engage.

We have a passion for helping businesses succeed online. We’re your one stop, fully sociable, completely geeky, super friendly, hard-working, multi-tasking, social media managers! How about that for a CV!

Ready to meet your dedicated Social Media Manager?

Where to Start?

We Can Get You Started In 3 Easy Steps

Meet your Social Media Expert

We do all of our communication via WhatsApp, it easy and convenient. Afterall, we’re human! You can message your social media expert at any time and they will aim to respond as soon as possible!

Tell Us About Your Businesses

We will chat to you to find out about your business. We may ask a lot of questions initially, but this is so we can build a profile which helps up deliver the best content. If we ever need any information or photographs, we will WhatsApp you and ask.

We Get Stuck In

We will get stuck in with the social media management, constantly monitoring and adapting to deliver the best results. If you’re not happy after 30 days of us delivering our services, we will refund your initial payment!

Want to know how we’d achieve your objectives?

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